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Selling or Refinancing your home?

On May 1, 2008 the NHTMA adopted rules and regulations which mandate the televised inspection of sanitary sewer laterals prior to the sale, transfer or refinancing of any property.  Lateral lines are the homeowners private sewer line that connects the home to the main line.  The lateral inspection is in addition to the dye test that has been required for many years.  The combined cost of the tests is currently $230, but is subject to change.  The cost for a municipal lien letter is $30.00, also subject to change.  Please click HERE for further details.



Online Credit Card and Electronic Check payments

In addition to customary methods of payment, customers of the North Huntingdon Township Municipal Authority (NHTMA) can now pay their sewage bills by using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check.  Credit/debit cards accepted are Master Card, Visa, and Discover, payments can be made on-line or by automated phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These payments cannot be made at the customer service window of the Municipal Authority.

Beginning November 19, 2010, customers may sign onto the Authoritys website at www.nhtma.org, click on the following link titled Online Bill Payment System, and follow the easy instructions. Customers may also call 1-877-483-2190 to pay over the phone, please follow the prompts to complete your transaction.  A separate convenience fee of $3.75 will be charged per transaction, up to $300.00, to the customer using this service.  If you need to make a payment larger than $300.00 you will need to complete multiple transactions, up to $300.00 per transaction, with the $3.75 convenience fee per transaction.  This may be done by using the "Pay another account" feature after you've completed the initial transaction, you do not need to log out and log back on (or hang up if using the 1-877-483-2190 to pay over the phone).

NHTMA has entered into a contract with Paymentus Corp. whereby the convenience fees are paid by the users who choose this secure method of payment.  Because processing fees are expensive, absorbing these costs might require a rate increase that could impact the costs for all customers, including those who do not use the service.  Customers are advised of the fee up front, and have the option of declining before completing the transaction.

Please click HERE for the official Press Release.


ACH Bank Drafting

Take advantage of the convenience of not having to write a check every month or every quarter for your sewage bill.  By signing up for this service, NHTMA will automatically deduct your sewage bill directly from your checking account either monthly or quarterly, you decide which option works best for you.

Please click the link to print out an ACH Bank Drafting Authorization (pdf) form or visit the "Forms" section of our website and click the "ACH Bank Draft Authorization Form" to begin taking advantage of this new service.

Please click HERE for our brochure detailing all payment options available.

NHTMA's Public Records Access Policy "Open Records Act"

Resolution #1 of 2009 (pdf) sets forth NHTMAs policy for requesting and processing public records requests in accordance with Pennsylvanias Right-to-Know Law, Act 3 of 2008.  Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the NHTMA Open Records Officer at 724-863-2860.  Click here for  Procedures (pdf) or visit the "Notices" section of our website for Procedures and Resolution #1 of 2009.

All requests for review and/or duplication of public records shall be submitted to the Authority in writing.  Use the Authoritys Public Records Review/Duplication Request Form  (pdf) Click the link to the left or visit the "Forms" section of our website.